I'm majoring in CS at Princeton. Soon I'll be in NYC working at Codecademy.

I write here about my (mis?)adventures in tech, and other stuff I make, for funsies.
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Mug Music - Turning Water Into an Instrument with Arduino, ChucK, and Touché

For our midterm project in an electronic music class, my friend Harvest and I had to make a digital instrument. I really wanted to experiment with Disney’s Touché system, which allows you to do fancy touch sensing on any conductive surface really cheaply. So, we turned a mug of water into an instrument! The extra supplies cost ~$1! Not including the Arduino, breadboard, mug, etc. Still, that’s extraordinarily cheap touch sensing…

This was a lot of fun. ChucK, by the way, is a great programming language for dealing with music. The Arduino communicates with it by using serial — nothing fancy there.

I’m looking forward to exploring Touché-based sensing more in the future…maybe with plants or people? Or buildings / stair railings? Who knows!

Github: https://github.com/bonniee/mug-music

Instructables: www.instructables.com/id/Mug-Music-Turn-Water-Into-an-Instrument-with-Ardui/